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Urashima shrine
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Urashima shrine
[enshrined deity]Urashimako"Urashima Taro"
[aspect God]Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto and Haraedo-no-Okami
According to the Engishiki-Shinmyou book, Urashima shrine is called "Urano Kamuyashiro, "and the dedication time for this shrine is 825 A.C.(Tencho2) when Zyun-na was emperor. Urashima-ko was defined as the god Tsutsukawa. The Urashimako is the ancestor of Kusakabenoobhito. Kusakabe is written by the book that is "Shinsenmyoushiroku" of the Izumi emperor. The story is written "日下部宿禰同祖、彦坐命之後也". This means that Hikoi Masunomiko was a child of the Emperor Kaika(B.C.157-98). As a result, the Kusakabenoobito is a descendant clan of Emperor Kaika and the great father is a feudal lord of the descendants of tsukuyomi-no-mikoto.
[Mein hall]
Mein hall It was constructed in Mein hall(Honden),Shinmei hall and Syaden hall. The Syaden hall is constructed in a main hall,a worship hall(haiden), and a central hall. A main shrine is a thatched shrine of the Shinmei style, and the Worship Hall(haiden)becomes the gongen-zukuri style. The whole main Shrine was appointed in the registration tangible cultural property of the country on November 15 of the Heisei 25(2013). The sculpture of the Worship hall(Haiden)becomes the product of NAKAI Gonzi of the Tanba country(Kashiwara-shi,Hyogo) which played an active part in the Edo era.

As the God leading life,Urashima Shrine conveys warm faith for a long time. There are matchmaking,longevity,fishery,voyage,agriculture, oxen and horses and sericulture of the divine virtues. In addition,there is the faith for the stars,and the main hall(Honden) is built towards the polestar.

[Traffic access]

In case of a car: It's R number 178 from Kyoto traverse motorway Amanohashidate Yosa I.C, about 40 minutes.

In case of a railroad/a bus: Northern Kinki tango railroad takeing Tankai bus from Miyazu station
or Amanohashidate station and get off by "in front of Urashima shrine" then 3 minutes on foot.

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