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Urashima shrine
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[1200 Urashima-shrine anniversary commemorative projects]
Guidance and request of subsidy
In Urashima shrine,it was done enshrining a god or deity for first time here in eternal existence of heaven 2(825) year. As for the record of the removal of a shrine, according to the billboards announcing a framework-raising ceremony, the reroofing of the roof was carried out once in 33 years. In addition, the building of the company has been performed once in 66 years. The current building is rebuilt by removal of a shrine of the Meiji 17(1884) year and the sacred symbol of a deity is not installed in a new shrine afterwards. After a long time,the building is damaged by very intense winds, rain, and snow and becomes big as the voice of the repair repeats age. Distortion occurs in the shrine as well because of a fallen tree by typhoon 23 of the Heisei 16(2004) year and tells in history; the dismantling repair is under the pressure of necessity. The Urashima shrine will be big year Reiwa 7(2025) and reaches memorable year called 1200. We have a plan dismantling repair of Urashima-shrine to this memorable age. The total cost of repair is one hundred million yen.
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