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Urashima shrine
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[dedicated treasure]
Urashima-myouzin-engi-emaki (roll))Important cultural property
Urashima-myouzin-engi-emaki (Kakehaba style)Kyoto tangible cultural property
Shironeritateji-kirisakuratatezikatasusomonyounui-kosodeImportant cultural property
Carapace of a turtle crest comb box 2 go (Tamate box)
[treasure reference library]
In the reference library,we display urashima-myoujin-engiemaki-kakehabakeishiki, beautiful comb box to go (Urashima's box),a Nou-mask, a liquor pot of the ASHIKAGA Takauji donation. It is a reference library performing history explanation of Urashima history and "the explanation by a picture" of the Engi roll.
Opening timeFrom 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed daywe have not decided when it is closed(in case of the Festival, we are closed)
Admission fee700 yen per one person (there is group discount)
Reservation applicationTelephone +81-772-33-0721 facsimile +81-772-33-0103

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